FEELMers Wanted

Who are FEELMers?

FEELM is an innovative heating technology brand by SMOORE (Stock Code:6969.HK).

It provides great taste and smooth vaping experience for closed pods.

Adult vapers who use products driven by FEELM technology are FEELMers.



Find a pod with FEELM inside, take a photo


Add “Secret to Great Taste” text to the photo


Share the photo on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Linkedin and @feelmtech

The more engaged your post is, the bigger prize you will win! Notes: Based on the number of likes, comments and shares of your post.

Activity Date:

October 15th-November 15th


All 31 winners will be announced on November 16th at www.feelmtech.com.

First Prize:
second Prize:
third Prize: